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Year Six Chicks


How They Started

At the start we were provided with 7 free range eggs. After that we put numbers and crosses on each egg so we knew if they were turning properly.

Then we named each egg and they are called: Cracky, Eggy, Egward, Chicky, Dizzy, Jackeg and Egmond. Next we put them in an incubator so they would start growing,which would help them to develop into baby chicks. It takes them 21 days to hatch into little chicks And then they are put in a brooder where they start their very happy lives.




On Tuesday 23rd June 2009 we were extremely excited to find one of the chicks hatching. It was a wonderful and amazing process which only took thirty to forty minutes. 
Throughout the hatch the chicks were carefully monitored and soon two of the chicks had pecked their way into the world.When they were eggs we named the chicks and the first two to hatch were named Dizzy and Egward.
The next day we found 3 other chicks had hatched the youngest was born yellow and stood out from the rest of the chicks. However only five of the adorable chicks hatched and the 6th and 7th were either infertile or had an early death inside the egg.




The eggs, and later chicks, were weighed every two days. This information was recorded in a table, please click the link below to see this interesting data.


The photograph below is of one of the chicks that has now become fully grown! The photograph was taken in September 2009.


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